Self Defence

What Is Self Defence?

Self defence is all about not getting into trouble but, if you do, getting out of it as quickly and safely as possible.

Who Is Self Defence For?

Self defence is for anyone who feels threatened by some one else, and now-a-days this can happen anytime anywhere. It could be road rage - with all the stress of today's roads, traffic jams and delays. When you're on tight schedules its no wonder some people feel agitated by it all and something snaps. So most of the time a simple block or parry will give everyone time to think again and realise that they have crossed the line and cool down. However, sometimes the situation will need more drastic action, and that is were your KARATE training will help, because all self defence comes from at least one sort of martial art. It teaches control, so at least the Karateka should not suffer from road rage (we could add shopping rage, airport rage or any kind of rage you care to think of!)

There is a much more sinister threat today. it is worsening, and will continue to get worse ... and that is DRUGS. With the rapidly growing number of people working in the US and UK to legalise what they call 'soft drugs' like mood enhancers, emotional outbursts or fits of anger have become more acceptable behaviours.

Take Control

  • Find out what the attacker wants (know your enemy) and, if you can, give it to them.
  • Do not be brave. If your have the chance to run, do it (guard against impetuous courage).
  • Make as much noise as you can.
  • Try not to put yourself in the situation to start with. Stay away from places that you do not feel safe in, and never go alone. Remember there is safety in numbers.
  • And last, but not least, train in some kind of martial art. Shotokan Karate will teach you everything you need to give you the edge and much more.

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