About ATSK

About ATSK

Kevin Stark, the Chief Instructor, Head of Association of Traditional Shotokan Karate (ATSK) and currently a 7th Dan (master level), has been studying and training in Shotokan karate since 1982 and sold the DVD Shotokan Karate Kata Videobook to a whole host of English speaking countries.

master and disciples
Kevin has a working background in education and has been developing teaching strategies which are then used to teach karate to all ages, abilities and grade levels, from beginner to black belt.

Much like many other children’s activities, the most important thing is for the child to feel safe, have fun and to enjoy what they are doing. This helps them to achieve, which in turn helps boost self belief and confidence. This creates a positive cycle and approach to challenges that will influence their school performance and any other activity they may also be doing. Karate can easily be linked to GCSE PE and leadership skills, all of which can be recorded on the students CV for their future steps.
Karate enables the ability to develop both the mind and body together. By having fun, people learn and develop quicker. As well as the benefits of socialising, students have the fitness, self discipline and the ability to focus the mind outside of karate. This is also relevant to adults who need help feeling confident, keeping fit, having a sense of well being, meeting new people and a sense of belonging and achieving. 

Karate is a journey that can be followed for a lifetime or as long as they want, as we have students from 4 years old up to 74 years old.

ATSK, through its offshoot organisation FTMA (Federation of Traditional martial Arts), can offer business development and insurance to any independent clubs looking to grow and become an association without interference.

Clubs are also welcome to join as part of the ATSK, or to affiliate. Either way, there will be no interference in running your club or group.

Further Information

The first 3 consecutive lessons are free, to allow the individual a chance to see whether the classes are for them. Following the three weeks free introduction course, the individual (either a child or adult) can join by taking out the membership. The New Member Pack includes a karate suit, belt, Instruction DVD, association badge, grading syllabus, 6 months insurance and association membership.
The New Member Pack is purchased at cost price of £38.00 (RRP £84.00)
Following membership, the cost to continue is £4.50 pay-as-you-come with family discounts available (None-members £5.50)

Contact Us

Call Us: 01234 353865
Or Send Us an Email: kmjstark@hotmail.com
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