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Nutrition and exercise play a significant factor together whether you are looking to tone up, lose weight or to increase your overall sport performance.

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 The following information helps explain what it is all about:

What are exercise and nutrition?

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The definition of exercise is any movement that requires physical effort giving greater intensity than the usual level of daily activity; carried out to help improve fitness levels or to help achieve a healthier lifestyle. In most cases exercising is done to keep fit, lose weight, tone up or to have a general feeling of good wellbeing.

In order to sustain a fitness programme to meet your desired goal, then a fitness and nutrition plan is essential, as nutrition or exercise alone will not give the desired results as the two together.

As with all plans we need to find the start point for the level of exercise and then increase the intensity over a set period of time and monitor as we go. This, along with a nutrition plan, will give the compliment of both diet and exercise to meet the desired results and achievement to your goals.
Muscles use three main energy systems when exercising, which are fuelled by our nutrients; when working in anaerobic training (exercising while not breathing) the muscles will work off the ATP-PC (Adenosine Triphosphate - Phosphate Creatine) energy system which gives high intensity, short duration training, along with the lactic acid energy system, this will happen until lactic acid builds up. 

Working these energy systems while exercising is good for increasing muscle size and toning up, as it is a high intensity type of exercise. However when working aerobically (exercising while breathing) the muscles work on the aerobic energy system. When working the aerobic energy system the body works off our glycogen stores from our food much like the other energy systems; however when the glycogen store runs out, the body is then able to work off of the fat stores, which will then help decrease the body fat percentage so you lose weight.

With gaining muscle tone, it is important to remember that no matter how much we grow the muscle underneath the fat you will not improve muscle tone; therefore you must burn the fat off first.

 What is nutrition?

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Nutrition is basically the fuel for the body which we convert to energy, with the main groups being:
  • Proteins and lipids (fats)
  • Carbohydrates
  • Roughage (fibre, minerals, vitamins and water)
Along with exercise and recognising the metabolic rate that the individual body works at, then with the correct nutrients, you will see results from the plan; as it is not about how to cut down on how much you eat but what nutrients you are taking in and when, which leads to how you use the energy to exercise and sculpture your body to how you want it.
The body’s energy is referred to as a measurement of calories, with the main body fuel for muscles being glycogen; this allows for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Without enough glycogen you will feel fatigued, training performance will be lowered and you put yourself at a greater risk of injury or having a lower resistance to illness.

A balance of nutrients will allow the body to have enough energy for both normal everyday activities and for the times of exercising and training; therefore the nutrition must be carefully planned to your lifestyle, work and exercising activities

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